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fpv for noob

  1. C

    Beginner FPV parts recommendation? (For the long run)

    Hi Guys! So I've been looking around and have been planning on getting my own FPV setup sometime this summer. I was hoping I could get everyone's $0.02 on what I should get and what to steer clear off. So my requirements are as follows: 1) No long distance flying, just scenic shots and fun...
  2. X

    Mentiring for FPV - help please!!

    Heya so im still unsure of what i want for FPV, I need a setup to work with a 2.4ghz transmitter, and idealy i would like 1 mile of range reliably, and it idealy needs to be super reliable, so i can just lug it out with me and it works, quick and easily. I have around £250 to spend and not sure...