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fpv freestyle

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    looking for FPV pilots around annville PA

    Hi everybody, i just moved to annville PA, and I'm looking for some places to fly some freestyle fpv with my drone within 50 miles of here. If there is anybody in this area and knows of some good bandos/ open fields, etc.. then I'd love to meetup and fly together.
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    FPV Freestyle and Proximity Practice

    Got the chance to fly a couple of batteries at a fairly local park Hope you enjoy sorry for there been some jello at points i am pretty sure i had an unbalanced prop and I cant say my motors are in the best condition either: ( Setup: Frame: Diatone 250 Motors: Multistar 2204 2300kv ESCs: Afro...
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    A bit of mini quad fpv fun

    Took a short walk to some local fields with my mini quad to fly a couple of batteries however rain struck and I only got to fly to packs but it was fun while it lasted flying in and out of the hedge line that divides the fields. Hope you enjoy! Setup: Frame: Diatone 250 Motors: Multistar 2204...
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    New video keeping it fast

    Please like my page and share the video and watch it in HD to get the full experience https://www.facebook.com/jrfpv/videos/268927606808724/