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fpv noob

  1. CobyG

    Help! New To Fpv - Need Help

    Hi, I am new to fpv flying and need some help. My fpv feed is really clear when my drone is about 2 ft away from my goggles, but if I get any farther away the feed cuts out. I have watched videos of people flying with linear antennas, and they seem to get video feed that is a lot better than...
  2. A

    Help with ESCs and FC

    So I recently started buidling my first quad, and have done everything mechanical except attach my receiver. My problem is that my motors do not show any activity, and that I can't flash my Flight Controller. I don't know if the first problem is the result of the second, but I am stumped. I have...
  3. T

    Quad + fpv= problems plz help

    Hello. I am a bit new at this, and Im having a bit of an issue: trying to run fpv gear on my quad everything seems fine till I get just a little ways away maybe 100ft, probably less, when I lose all control and my quadcopter falls from the sky till it regains signal. ive only flown it 4-5 times...
  4. R

    Timing FPV First Flights, DJI Phantom, Fatshark Attitude V2

    Well, I have started, two successful flights. Wow! Two problems: loosing contact behind some trees; and loosing track of time. The trees thing was just dumb, I knew better. Anyway, the Phantom, God bless it, flew home as advertised. LESSON: know my local blind spots, and memorise how to regain...
  5. F

    Is a batbone Tri suitable as a first multirotor (working towards FPV)?

    I have nearly 20 years experience with R/Cing (worked for a hobby shop for nearly two years, long ago) and have been in all kinds of craft (monster trucks, on road cars, heli's (mostly co-ax), fixed wing, now boats). Let's put it this way, when I started with R/C, FM radios were the new and...
  6. X

    FPV - Full setup for a noob?

    Heya FliteTest community! I have been pondering for ages about getting FPV but never really tried it myself. So it led me to ask the wounderful community in-which is you for guidance! Basically i have there about £200 - $300 to spend on a FULL setup, including FPV gear and a plane without...