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free plans

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    Motor suggestions for 3s 2200mah pack + free plans planes?

    Hello there, first of all thanks for yout time on reading this post! I'm going for my 4th FT build already (1/3 still flying ;)!) and since I dont know much about e-motors specifications and brands I always try to follow the FT guides but due to the airfield I got and the kind of materials I...
  2. W

    (Das) Little Stick Parkflyer Plans

    Introduction The classic "Ugly Stick" and "Das Ugly Stick" are iconic designs that stand the test of time thanks to their simplicity and performance. Just like the originals, my adaptation uses a minimal amount of material and requires very little time to get airborne. In order to simplify...
  3. A

    You know how it is SO hard to make time to scratch build with your kids?

    I love scratch building because I believe it offers the best way to create great memories, a sense of accomplishment, and a level of understanding superior to "out of the box" -Plus its less expensive most of the time :cool: And I just like building things! Alas, it can be very difficult to...
  4. T

    My New EPP Plane

    Ok all my Flite test fans I know how you all love free plans :) so here is my latest creation. First Look Video Flying Video Motor used Bluewonder 1300-1500KV Prop GWS 9050 Aileron Servo HXT-900 Elevator/ Rudder Servo HXT-500 ESC 10 amp brushless Battery 300-500mah 2 cell 7.4 volt...
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    New EPP yak54

    Ok here is the latest 6MM EPP Plane I just designed! you can also make it out of Depron. I will post a list of Electronics later that I recommend for this plane Ok the new correct PDF file is ready for Download!