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    This is FPV freestyle

    Yesterday when it finally stopped raining I decided to fly some packs! My setup: Custom made 210 frame DYS F4 flightcontroller running BF3.1.7 Aikon Electronics V3.1 esc's Cobra Champions 2205 2300kv 5*4*3 props TBS unify HV video transmitter HS1177 fpv camera
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    First VLOG! FPV freestyle

    Perfect summer days | FPV freestyle | VLOG #1 - This is the first VLOG I'v ever made. The last couple of weeks I was experimenting with this. But I think I will make more of these video's in the future. If you want to see more video's of me vlogging, let me know in the comments. Last week I...
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    Forest flow FPV freestyle

    It's been a very long time since i've been at this spot. I totally forgot how high these trees are. If I got stuck in one of those trees I will never get my kwad back.. But non the less it's amazing to fly here!
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    When the rain finally stops FPV freestyle

    I wanted to give this video a special feeling. hope you like it!
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    Cinematic forest freestyle

    I love flying in the woods. This is such a peaceful place to be. Last week I went back to this forest and I almost forgot how beautiful this place really is. So I will be spending more time here once again.
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    A bit heavier kwad better for freestyle?

    For the last 7 months or so I was flying a really light weight true-X quad. Ever since I switched from a standard 210 to a 200 trueX quad I had some issues. One of the things I was running into was, I had issues getting inverted over trees with some amount of wind. The quad just did not have...
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    Golden hour FPV freestyle

    The last week or so has been extremely hot in the Netherlands. So I only fly in the evenings!!
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    Beautiful spring morning

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    Sunset vibes FPV freestyle

    Last week I had this perfect evening! Beautiful weather, amazing spot and flying with friends!
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    Tranquility FPV freestyle

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    Sunset flow FPV freestyle

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    FPV freestyle tutorial: How to mattyflip and more...

    In this tutorial I'm explaining two tricks, Jumping backwards and the forward powerloop AKA mattyflip
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    'Ascension' FPV freestyle

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    FPV log 8: Flying in a very small park FPV freestyle

    After giving a demo we decide to fly some packs in a local park.
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    FPV log 7: Sunset flying FPV freestyle

    Burnin' some packs just before sunset..
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    Simplicity FPV freestyle

    No fancy spots this time:)
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    FPV log 5: Sunday cruisin' FPV freestyle

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    FPV log: 3 Back at my local park

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    Welcome back old Emax || FPV freestyle

    Ever since I had the Tmotor F40II 2400kv I had nothing but troubles. Now i've switched back to my old Emax RS2205 2300kv and my quad flies just perfect again!