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    My Motor went up in smoke, can I trust my ESCs?

    Hello, i Have a problem and hope you can help me. A while ago I flashed BLheli on my Afro 30A ESCs. I then tested one of them with my old Turnigy motor to make sure it wouldn't damage the Motor, did a few tests, looked if the Motor gets warm and so on. Then I flashed BLheli on all my ESCs...
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    OrangeRx Receiver Problems

    I am new to RC, but plan to really try to get into it. My first investment into the hobby was an FT Racer. Bad choice? I'd say. I definitely should have either started by buying a RTF, or scratch building a simpler, easier-to-repair plane like the snowball or flyer. Anyway, I made a stupid...
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    Turnigy 9X fried / reverse polarity

    Hi, I could use some help. I bought a Turnigy 9X transmitter along with a 11.1v lipo that I intended to use to replace the AA battery pack that comes with it. Stupid me, I disconnected the AA battery pack and connected my lipo, turned on the transmitter and instantly had heard a pop and saw a...