1. ibraslmh

    Help! FrSky Transmitter switch to execute set of commands for a drone

    Hello Everyone! I have a custom made drone and I am using Taranis X9D Plus from FrSky. I want to assign for a switch in the transmitter a certain set of commands to be executed (elevate up to height Z, hover for 't' sec, land). I don't know if this is possible I looked online and tried to do it...
  2. S

    Help! Throttle Not Accurately Tracking

    Hello, I am having this issue where my throttle in iNavFlight and my blackbox is not tracking properly. The throttle in the blackbox (RC Command) is tracking lower than what the reciever tab is recieving in iNav reciever tab. Originally iNavFlight recieved a range of 987-2011, i applied a 98%...
  3. Flite Risk

    Qx7 sticky power button

    So I just resolved a very bizarre issue. When storing my qx7 in it's carrying case (harbor freight foam filled metal case), I heard my radio turn on........Odd. Upon further inspection, just applying pressure anywhere to the shell or radio body I could boot up the Tx. While flying I would hear...
  4. S

    Solved SOLVED: Major (Roll) Oscillations when arming quadcopter

    I am fairly new to drone building and have been helped by my friend who has built drones before. I have built a fairly large drone which I want to use to film and coast, I don't intend to use it for racing of any type. I have also made some modifications in addition to the parts such as battery...
  5. T

    new guy. my name is Dan

    almost 60 years old. ordered a FrSky transmitter (arrives tomorrow), and a flite test cub kit with power pack B, 2 3-cell batteries and a charger. now i have to figure out how to make my new transmitter work with my new power pack. i've visited my local club field a couple times, and want to...
  6. W

    Help! transmitter wont flash my reciever

    hey there, i just recieved my new reciever a frsky xm+ and it has the wrong software on it so i wanted to update it using my turnigy 9xr pro on wich im running open tx 2.3.9 but when i go to my sd card i dont get the option flash to external device. i tried updating my bootloader (wich is now...
  7. K

    Help! TinyHawk Freestyle II FRSky to DSMX?

    I'm interested in getting a mini quad to learn how to fly FPV, but I want to skip the tiny whoop step and get into flying freestyle. The Emax TinyHawk Freestyle sounds like a great platform, and is very cost effective. However, it runs on a FRSky receiver integrated into the FC/PDB and I have a...
  8. J

    Best Radio Under 200

    Hello everyone, I am not new to the rc world, but I need a new radio, as my dx6 no longer works, I am thinking of a Taranis Qx7 but I heard the company has been very bad lately as in, as in they wont support older protocols, my main goal of this radio is to do projects like the ones flitetest...
  9. M

    Newbie Communication Issues, Please Help.

    Ok my son and I are building a gremlin. Here is the situation. The receiver is bound to the transmitter but when we plug in to beta flight the receiver and flight controller seem to be connected as in if you move the FC board the animated drone in beta flight moves with it but the transmitter...
  10. J

    FRsky bind 2 RXs to 1 TX

    I have successfully bound (binded) a BetaFPV 65s mini quad (F4 Brushed FC with built in FRsky Rx) to my FRsky QX7. I am working with my students on a project and would like to bind an additional RX to the QX7 to operate an independent servo. Essentially the RPIC flying the Beta 65s is operating...
  11. rockyboy

    Part OpenTX Pattern Sequence Caller 1

    So how does an enterprising young pilot practice aerobatic pattern sequences when there is nobody around to remind them what comes next? Turn to the power of OpenTX! :D With this set of OpenTX LUA and WAV files installed, every time the SH switch is pulled the radio calls out the next move in...
  12. Tench745

    Plane McB Racer Version 3

    These are the third iteration of plans for a race-styled plane I designed to test the capabilities of my Taranis radio using electronics I already had. As such, it is designed to use the 1100kv HobbyKing Donkey motor and 5g servos. It is a 6 channel plane using one channel each for throttle...
  13. J

    1handed need help

    Ive been into fpv for 2 years now but recently had an accident where my right hand thumb had to get amputated. My right hand is non-functinal. Ive looked all over for a solution so i can fly my quadcopters with 1hand. I saw a post where someone used a joystick and modified thrir transmitter. I...
  14. S

    RX4R binding issue

    Before I bind my RX4R to my 9x lite, do I need to update the firmware on it? Firmware on the 9x lite is updated thanks to FrSky booth at Flightfest.
  15. S

    How to install rx4r?

    I just came back from FlightFest and I am new to building air planes. I am looking to figure out how to install a FrSky Rx4r receiver for my sons commuter airplane. I bought the power pack and have a new Taranis x9 lite. The servos and engine are installed and ready to be connected to receiver.
  16. S

    Frsky receiver + voltage sensor

    Dear Community! I'm looking for some beginner help. I try to jump in to fixed wing planes from freestyle fpv quads. I want to build a Flitetest foamboard trainer, but I want to buy a good receiver for my Q X7 which can stay with me for a long time and I don't have to upgrade soon. I want a bit...
  17. A

    FrSky XM+ red light changing brightness meaning

    Hi there I'm currently building an autonomous plane on the bases of an Arduino. As the Arduino isn't capable of starting and landing on its own I'm doing that for it. This is why the plane has a FrSky XM+ receiver. Until last week it worked fine and the Arduino was able to read the Sensor. This...
  18. W

    taranis Q x7 no rssi as a source

    hello! i made this account after days of searching online with no luck. i'm trying to make voice alert for low RSSI in my taranis x7 but there's no such option. i've updated the firmware, i've searched new sensors in telemetry tab. i updated my receiver (frsky xm+). betaflight shows RSSI like it...
  19. D

    Frsky or Spektrum?

    Hey guys and girls! Ive been looking to buy a new drone and im thinking of buying a. Emax Babyhawk R or the orginal. I know that it comes standard with a frsky receiver. my question is should I buy spektrum receiver and get a spektrum transmitter or should i got with frsky? what are the...
  20. J

    Help! FrSky X lite wont connect to recievers

    I have just bought my first FrSky transmitter and receivers and I bound up a couple of models and everything seemed to work fine. I then tried to set up a S8R receiver following a youtube tutorial and I could not get it to work for some reason so I was trying to update firmware and figure out...