1. ulaskayalar

    FS-T6 with Naza M Lite

    Hello, I have the FS-T6 radio. I want to buy Naza M Lite, for my quadrocopter. I found very few sources on the Internet. How can I install, is this possible?
  2. J

    Help my FS-T6 reciever isn't working

    I cannot get my receiver to power on or to bind to my transmitter. I have a quadcopter in which everything else is working perfectly, but I cannot get my the receiver/transmitter to work. The transmitter itself is working fine. All ideas are welcome.
  3. kdobson83

    FlySky FS-T6 connection issues

    Hi guys, i need some help. I am fairly new to the hobby, flying my second plain, Ft Trainer. My first was the FT Flyer and i had no problems. Flew like a dream and got a lot of experience. My second plane, the FT trainer flew just fine too until here lately. I was flying in the park and my...