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ft alpha

  1. E

    FT Alpha Thrust Angle

    Can someone shed some light on the thrust angle for FT Alpha? In the video Josh talks about putting the firewall to the top of the A but when I measure the power pod it’s totally symmetrical and doesn’t seem to have a thrust angle. Why does he talk about right thrust if the power pod is straight?
  2. JGplanes

    FFE Alpha formation pic or video?

    My son and I flew our FT Alphas (light and dark gray) in formation a couple times at FFE. Once on Thursday evening and once Saturday morning at the far east flight line. Unfortunately we didn't have a camera guy since we both needed spotters, and my wife would really like to see a picture or...
  3. R

    FT Mini Alpha (and Charlie) loses power after 45-55 seconds of flying

    Hello, This is my first post so here it goes! I scratch built the FT Mini Alpha and Charlie but am experiencing a loss of power after about a minute of flying. The motor is very hot to touch and the ESC also feels warm. Is this what is known as a brown out? It's not a transmitter problem...