ft bronco

  1. DbleDuce

    FT Bronco - LED lessons learned

    First time adding LED lights to a plane and night flying. Being a newbie I thought adding lights to the top of the wing would be enough. DON'T DO THIS. You need to put lights on top AND bottom of the wing. I would suggest one color for top and another for the bottom. While I had the tail...
  2. B

    FliteFestEast2017 Videos

    If anyone missed out on FFE2017, and/or want to see some footage from the event, check out my video that covers the trip! Enjoy! -BaileyFokinEngineering https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4ia3dJCUN74
  3. RCrazy

    FT Bronco Tri Motor

    Finished my Bronco recently and wanted to share it. Loved this plane first time I saw it. Tried to wait for the VTOL kit but guess it was not to be and I ain't smert enuf to figure the controller stuff out. Anyway this is my first multi engine and it's a blast. I maidened it with just the...
  4. S

    Scratch Building FT Explorer and Bronco in Balsa

    I have been playing around with model aircraft of various types for a while and decided I wanted to build either the FT Explorer or Bronco. The catch is I am in Australia and getting stock of foam board isn't the easiest as I have come to realise after visiting a number of hobby stores and...