ft bushwacker

  1. Seahunter

    Seahunter's FT Bushwacker

    This is my FT Bushwacker. It's pictures are in my hanger in the media section. I tried to post pictures of it in an old thread, but just noticed that it's not there, so here it is again. I bought a FT kit of the Bushwacker right after Peter designed it. It sat under my workbench for a long time...
  2. P

    FT Bushwacker

    so I've had this body built a while so it might not be a bushwacker but I believe the wing is from a simple soarer. this is probably my best landing tho
  3. Liam B

    What Motor Should I Use?

    Hello! I am currently working on a scratchbuilt 195% Bushwacker/Carbon Z Cub with an 85in wingspan. I'm having trouble figuring out what motor I should put in it. I know I should probably put the E Flite motor that is in the standard Carbon Z Cub, but I dont want to spend $85 on it. I'm looking...
  4. Croom


    After many hours of building, I finally finished my FT Bushwacker! I am loving it so far. Went out to maiden it the other day and it flew exceptionally, despite the weight. (This plane doesn't feel like it's going to get off the ground because it weighs more than a pound) Here is a video of my...
  5. Croom

    Scratch Built FT Bushwacker Maiden (with crash at end)

    After many hours of building, I am finally finished! Here is the maiden, and this plane flies remarkably well. Crash did not affect the plane other than a few loose screws, thanks to Peter's Power Pod shelf. My wheels are actually made out of pool noodles and bottle caps. (an old FT design if...