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ft dart

  1. NicolaiVdS

    Stated creating Stl's for the FT Dart

    Hey guys i'm currently in the progress of making all the stencils, firewalls, etc in stl's so anyone can print them and use them for easyer cutting the foam board. i hope you like the plans. Part's that are ready: Reflex gauge Firewall Currently Making: Control Horn
  2. Flying Oscar

    Solved I need help setting up my FT Dart!

    Hello, a few months ago I bought the FT Dart as my first flite test plane. I built all the foam and electronics for it, but have not been able to set it up with my transmitter. I have been using a Y cable since I am just starting out, and my transmitter is the TGY 9x (it was cheap and has very...
  3. C

    Will this motor work?

    Hey I have two Hextech 24g 3000kv motors lying around. Would they work on the new FT Dart (dual engine wing)? If so what prop would make the most sense? I know those typically swing larger props but maybe a triblade or quadblade? I was reading they are meant for large props, but sounded like I...