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ft gremlin

  1. R

    FT Gremlin binding issue

    Hi guys.... I have a problem with arming my quad. I finished building a gremlin and followed the video exactly the way it showed me. my problem is that even though I can bind my drone to my spectrum dx6e, it simply wont move. I did program arm mode to my aux1 on betaflight but when I bind it...
  2. L

    FT gremlin / LB gremlin 3d printed Frame

    Hey, i just wanted to post this here to spread the word that there are frames on thingiverse for printing. this is my frame I am working on it every day and updateing it. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2291806
  3. SP0NZ

    FT Gremlin - SP0NZ Build Log

    DISCLAIMER: Some of you may know me or may have heard of me from my work with the Flite Test plans, or some of the foam board airplanes I have designed. Some of you may not have heard of me. Either way, I think I need to start out by clarifying something for everyone who might be interested...