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ft old speedster

  1. H

    Maiden Flight - FT Old Speedster

    A short video of my Maiden flight for my FT Old Speedster. My first "foamy" as well Man this thing flies great. Nice and slow and very controlled. Well done FliteTest! Keep em coming. Camper
  2. R

    Help with batteries?

    Hi, everyone, I've seen the beginner series and I got really confused on the battery episode. I didn't understand about charging them, mainly. The battery I want to get for my ft old speedster is a turnigy 1000mAH 3s 20c lipo pack. Could someone please tell me stuff like flight time, what...
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    FT Old Speedster - Build Help

    Hello everyone, I was hoping someone might be able to offer me some help. So this would be my first scratch build. i have been watching the show for what seams like ages i just have never got around to building my own plane. This ones looks like a beauty! I need some advice...with the printout...
  4. B

    Mini versions of FT planes

    I had a few small motors and speed controllers, so I thought I would try making some scaled-down versions of some of the FT planes. I have played with making a few small self-designed foam planes to get a rough guess of how well the wings would work when scaled down. The first of the planes...