ft planes

  1. D

    Ft Planes Wanted

    Hello I was wondering if anyone had any Ft Planes that don’t have electronics in them or if you have a speed build kit you haven’t gotten around to build. Preferably with electronics but it doesn’t really matter if they don’t have electronics. Will pay for shipping. I’m in the United States...
  2. nhk750

    FT planes for Real Flight 7.5

    I have been looking, but cant find the FT Storch for Real Flight 7.5. Can any one throw me a link to the FT planes for RF 7.5? Thanks
  3. orange_rc_pilot

    180% FT Racer

    I'm thinking of building a 180% FT Racer over Christmas, and I am not quite sure that I'm using the best power setup. My aim is to fly at 70mph (112kph) for fast low passes, but also to be able to fly a gentle 35mph (56kph) for smooth scale flight. I will be using a 50-sized motor, with 2000w...