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ft sportster

  1. Sportster


    This plane was meant to be my pick up truck of the skies, and as tough as it was it did serve the purpose. Flew great on the 11x7x3 prop and even used floats as well
  2. MarioGdV

    Solved Any ideas for a Sportster's Landing Gear?

    Hi! I've been flying the FT Sportster for 2 weeks, but every time I fly, the landing gear becomes more and more damaged. I've tried diferent landing gears, but they break easily and I don't know what to do. I made a landing gear which looks like the FT Mig-3 one, and it worked well, but I've...
  3. nhk750

    FT Sportster scratch build

    Here I go again, another scratch build. This time I am tackling the FT Sportster. I have never had a low wing, so I thought this would be a good first. There is lots of curves in this one and it is challenging pin poking and cutting out the pattern, but it is coming along so far. I went to...
  4. S

    FT Sportster: first build, first plane.

    A little over a week ago, after spending the last month consuming the vast majority of Flite Test's YouTube videos (excluding multi-rotor content, as my interest lies in fixed wing) I ordered the crafty kit and an FT Sportster speed build kit along with the optional Power Pack C, and additional...