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  1. Andre

    098 The FAA debacle

    098 The FAA debacle Join Chris,Wayne,Mike and special guest Fred Provost as they discuss the biggest topic in the RC flight community,the Federal Aviation Administration's new small UAS Registration rule. Make sure to check out the article that Austin posted called FAA RC registration FAQ for...
  2. Andre

    091 Chad Kapper and Steele Davis

    091 Chad Kapper and Steele Davis Well we finally get Chad Kapper in the studio and find out whats going on,where he's been and and where he heading with ideas. Also he gives us some inside scoop from Rotor DR1. Joining us was Steele Davis who is one of the top FPV freestyle and race pilots from...
  3. M

    What's Up with the Podcasts?

    Like many others, I'm in the habit of listening to the podcasts on my way to work. I've noticed that they are coming less frequently lately, and I have been wondering if Chris is going to take over everything from now on (it has been almost a month since Austin, Josh, Peter, etc. have released...