fun fly

  1. FoamyDM

    Simple Cub - Piper cub - rasterized yellow burst style.

    Hi there, My local Club is having a Cub only Fun Fly next. Fortune would have it, I had the plans (for B and A sized) and components to go into both. I will say I am not doing much different than Josh did. So I won't bore you. but based on the way the simple Scout (C sized) handled landings at...
  2. T

    Salina Kansas K-State Student RC Club Fun Fly!

    This funfly will be this Saturday. All money gathered from the admissions fees will go straight to the K-state polytechnics RC Flying club.
  3. B

    built a FT Nutball this morning

    So I decided to build a nutball this morn. I have yet to fly it as it's windy here at the time of posting this. Not mention yesterday when I crashed my delta i cracked the firewall, So I fabbed one out of plastic.
  4. R


    Race RC Modelers Club Fun Fly/Fly-In Saturday May 16th, 2015 Flying starts at 9 AM till 6PM Racine Locks and Dam Letart, WV AMA Required $5 landing fee all types and sizes of RC aircraft welcome. Buddy box flying available for anyone wanting to try or learn to fly at no cost, club has all...