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fun plane

  1. R

    Hight challenge

    Fly a plane has to be electric as high as you can only using 1 motor 1 battery 4ch and must take off and land safely. Fpv can be used. Good luck:cool:
  2. R

    Cargo plane

    Hello, this is my first forum. I have heaps of ideas and here is 1. Design and fly a plane that can carry a load e.g small rc car inside. Cool if it had a working cargo door. :cool:
  3. X

    A good fun trainer?

    Heya community of flitetest ! I have a quire which i would love answer'd. "what is a good fun plane". I'm fairly new to the hole flying hobby but am fast learning. My fleet consists of some nine eagles gliders and a stryker (all of which I am pleased to say i'm capable of flying!) but was...