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  1. S

    Receiver advice for AnyLink transmitter

    Dear all, I am super excited to have ordered the swappable speed built kit (3 models!) and the electronics kit from Lazerytoys! I can't wait for the package to arrive. In the mean, I am building an FT Flyer from scratch to keep me busy. I am looking for advice on what receiver to get... I...
  2. gustyk

    X-1000 Gyro not working with Futaba t7c

    Futaba 7C with X-Gyro 1000 I did some research in the forum but couldn't find the answer. I have a X-Gyro 1000 and a Futaba 7C but I cannot make them work together. For sure, the XG works because I tested with Real Flight 6.5 Interlink controller and the channels 6&7 of the simulator are...
  3. D

    Newbie Advice

    Hello, I am building a 20 year old, new in box futaba professor 40 ARF nitro plane, i have all i need, but not the instruction manual. I have contacted futaba and may or may not get a manual, but i have other questions What glue should i use? its balsa with some foam.. and if im stuck can i post...
  4. N

    Dual FASST Receiver Set Up

    Hello First post here, i got fed up at all the big shots on other forums acting complete prats. i am pricing up a 100cc set up at the moment and i am a bit confused on how/what i need for a dual r608 FASST set up, i would use a power box and i just dont know how to wire it up, how to bind E.X.T...
  5. V

    FPV over the island Husvær in Norway