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gas to electric

  1. Desert.Rat

    J2 Cub Balsa and Monocoque gasser to E pow

    I have my dad's hand built J2 Cub that has never flown. I have been building scratch built planes with the new brushless / ECS setup and really like the ease of use and dependability. I want to some day take this plane up as a tribute to my fathers skill and talent as a builder. He and I flew...
  2. Q

    I need help setting up my big motor

    I am converting a couple of large planes to electric power. One is a Great Planes Easy Sport. I am using an Eflite Power 32 and a 80 amp esc, 5cell 25c battery. What prop should I use for slow flying?? Second is a 55" wing span biplane (9lbs+) I have an Eflite Power 60 ordered, 5cell 25c...