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    Mz-12 with Gr-18, setup with wizard x220, need help!

    I have a problem, as you can se in the video where more controlles is on the same channel, and can't se what i am doing wrong. Hopes that you can help me out.
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    Eachine X220 with GR-18 and MZ-12

    Hello I bought a Eachine X220 ARTF, and thought that it would be easy to just connect it to my Graupner gr-18 and use my Graupner mz-12. But i cant find a way to get it to work. I have set the receiver to use SUMD from ch6 and them connected the x220 to this channel. I also have tried many...
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    Please help about to give up gr-18

    Hello, When I first purchase my gr-18 and mx-20 controller I was so happy and flew around for about 2 weeks non stop. After a Month I replaced my frame and then continued to fly it around. Only recently since I flew the quad into a wreck it couldn't recover did I decide to get back into flying...
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    Need help with GR-18 and MZ-12

    Hello, I purchased the combination TX/RX, and i found that i could not use the GR-18 for fixed wing aircraft. no documentation helped, and everything I experimented with was unhelpful. At one point I managed to make my motor turn on with the pitch control by accident. I was wondering if there...
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    Electrohub Y6 Suggestions Wanted

    Hi all. Longtime Flitetest watcher, First time builder and poster. I've ordered an Electrohub Y6 from the Flitetest store with the Hex D power pack. I also ordered a few 4s batteries to go with it. The info on the store says it can run on 4s with "Smaller Props", but what size should I be...
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    Graupner MZ-12 GR-18 Gimbal Control

    I built a 250 quad and use the Graupner MZ-12 with HoTT GR-18. Can I program the DV Knob/Pot on the MZ-12 to control a camera gimbal (tilt)? I have seen others use a servo tester control but it would be nice to use DV knob on transmitter. If so, where would i plug in on GR-18? Secondly, how...