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grayson hobby

  1. L

    ESC caught fire during preflight checklist

    Hello all, I recently built a twin edf engine plane. However, while running over the preflight checklist I did an engine check and my esc's both started smoking furiously. Both engines were the same, the were the 64mm EDF Viggen package from grayson hobby. Why did they catch fire? I was using...
  2. raptor3dpilot

    Just ordered my FT Viggen and Gear!!

    Oh man, I am so stoked that I just purchased the FT Viggen SBK (Killer deal for the amount of work put into the design) and I also purchased the Grayson Hobby 70mm EDF Power Package-Ultimate!! :cool: :p This is going to be my first EDF build/aircraft, so I'm ready for this thing to arrive...