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  1. N

    Erm, let's fix that image of "drones"

    Maybe it's already been posted... What is intersting is how the kickback pushes the quad backwards, I mean it's obvious but imagine what the flightcontroller expereienced, such a sharp kick.
  2. Maingear

    Hot Glue - FAQ

    Hot Glue threads: Hot Glue gun help Battery Operated Hot Glue Gun hot glue gun Hot Glue battery powered, hot glue gun.... Recommend A Glue Gun Scratch-build Glue Suggestions? Sweet deal on the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun! best cordless hot glue gun hot glue brittle in the cold Hot...
  3. James Dougal


    Right I have just really started this hobby and i see alot of creativity in the hobby already. I have a few ideas myself..... one idea i have came up with is what about a plane that can actualy shoot ... real bullets ? .. NO lol but as a kid do you remember cap guns ? like this with paper caps...