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  1. L

    Naze32 Cleanflight Crashing Three Minutes Into Flight

    Hi All, Thanks first of all for all you do to get us newbs up in the air! I am building my second quad from scratch this time. I used the mini racing quad power pack for electronics with a Naze32 Acro and a homebrew H frame. I built a tether that supplies 12.6V/30A to an XT60 plugged into the...
  2. K

    Help: H-Quad with Naze32 and Cleanflight

    Hi, I've build H-Quad using the scratch build from here http://flitetest.com/articles/H_Quad_Scratch_Build. The only deference is that I have used cleanflight and Naze32 setup. The problem is that I can't find the right and suitable mixing for it.!! :confused: Do I need to select...
  3. M

    Greenhorn First Quadcopter Build

    Hey, RC enthusiasts First of all I want to apologize for my English, I live in Belgium so I don 't talk English that often. Lately I was reading about RC vehicles, especially quadcopters. At first the "information" I 've red was overwelming n what parts you all need en which ones are "good" and...
  4. P

    Waiheke Island (NZ) awesome scenery and blue waters

    Put this video together about a month back, thought i would share it with you guys to see what ya think of it. Using a go pro 3+ and a tarot gimbal on a custom lunchbox H-quad running a ardupilot apm 2.5.
  5. T

    FPV Knuckles H-Quad Build Log

    I have my FT Knuckles H-Quad since 6 months now. I flew a lot with it, had couple of crashes, nothing really bad though but now I want to it take to the next level. I always wanted to try FPV so I decided to tear down my Knuckles H-Quad and transform it to a FPV quad. Why tear it down you might...
  6. Greg2B

    SSHQuad V2 Upgrade to V3

    A while ago I ordered a bunch of new parts for my micro H-Quad and I got some additional parts for my SSHQuad v2. Then right before I started building my MHQ flying fpv on my sshquad I hit a wooden post and the legs on my quad, zip tied on flew off. I found one but lost the other. Not a big deal...
  7. W

    H-Quad motor choice.

    I have recently built a H-Quad (flitetest's) and I put some of the cheap 24gram motors from hobbyking on the frame however I have now realized that A they are vastly under powered and B that they are SHOCKING quality, there were little chips of aluminium in the magnets and some around the...
  8. Greg2B

    Mini H Quad First Build Log

    So two motor mount breaking crashes with the Turnigy Micro Quad and I'm ready to build something a bit stronger. The frame I'm using is Super Simple Mini H-Quad from polakiumengineering which feels a lot stronger then what broke. I actually ordered two different frames but this one came in...
  9. M

    Building a Knuckle Quad, but Flown X-Quad before

    Hi, I have spent the past few months playing with the Hoten X quadcopter. It is super fun, but I want to build something of my own. I think the Knuckle Quad looks wonderful. I haven't built anything before (excluding a simple little plane), so I was wondering if someone could take a look at...
  10. T

    *HELP* My first H-quad with Multiwii Pro

    Hello everybody! I am trying to figure out what is wrong with my quadcopter. I've made the body by myself by some aluminum and plastic, and it is very solid. I am using TURNIGY Plush 25amp Speed Controllers, Turnigy D2836/9 950KV Brushless Outrunner Motors, a normal Turnigy 2200mAh battery and...
  11. bluefishnz

    Novice H-Quad build with replaceable motor mount booms

    Hey there Folks, Very new to the whole Multi-rotor thing, well RC flying in general. This will be my first attempt at anything RC flying. So I have started a H-Quad as my first build. I have my own blog so have the build series over there, but wanted to drop in an say hi, as I follow...