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head tracker

  1. FPVAirCombat

    FPV Dogfight with Head-tracker in a Spitfire... a Journey to get there

    Though there are many FPV flyers, I am surprised that very few of them have taken an interest in flying from the cockpit of a scale plane with head-tracking to imitate the experience of flying a real airplane (sans G forces). Flying from onboard FPV perspective makes some challenges that were...
  2. Andre

    Quanum 3 Axis No Drift Head Tracker & FatShark 180deg 2 Axis Pan and Tilt System

    The other night I was posting some shots of my Bixler2 and a certain Monkey asked me for more details. Naturally this led to me starting a forum post and a future article. ;) I've played with more expensive and completely useless head tracker before so when the new Quanum unit came out I...
  3. M

    Has Anyone ever tried controling a fixed wing using a Head tracker..

    Rocket man style... The trinity head tracker is very smooth and feels natural.. I wonder if it could be used to control the actual plane . I suppose this could be done through mixing in a Flight controller or even the channel mixer of a computer transmitter. Anyway just a thought I had