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  1. G

    Just an initial hello and ‘damn!’

    I decided after many years to learn to fly an RC plane after building many but never flying one with my father back in the 1970s. I bought a Hobbyzone Sport Cub S2 and flew it last weekend. All was great and kept it in beginner mode. Flew it for two evenings in very still conditions and was...
  2. D

    broken feathering shaft HK 250 GT. Is it common?

    Hello fellow hobby enthusiasts: This is my first post so constructive criticism will be more than welcomed. With that out of the way a bit of backstory. I've recently got into RC helis and thought that a 250 class would be a good place to start. This is because I live in a super crowded city...
  3. E

    Avenger HeliCarrier

    Any chance that there might be a coming speed build kit for the Avenger HeliCarrier or plans. Would be cool for FliteFest 2015. i watched the video i thought it was awesome.
  4. J

    Heli Max Blackhawk trade

    hi guys, I have a heli max black hawk that I would like to trade for a 6 channel radio or just sell for cash. The only reason I have to trade it is because my tactic ttx600 radio just suddenly broke because the right stick does not spring back to the middle position and is very hard to move so...
  5. D

    RC Heli Extreme acrobatics T-Rex 600

    In this video you will be able to see some really cool and extremly high end heli acrobatics. This is a a pilot with precision. The beauty of the video it is uncut and unedited. You get it as it is. No rare cuts, or nice fixes. Hope you enjoy!!!
  6. wadsie

    Double Horse 9098 helicopter

    these helicoper are really great i bought one not to long ago of ebay for $26.50 (postage was free) and they really fly well. i remember ages ago i bought a helicopter from k-mart for like $20 but they did not work very well and they wernt controlable, but now with is heli it hovers really well...