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  1. D

    Episode 57 - Talking shop with Fred!

    Episode 57 - Talking shop with Fred Released: January 13th, 2017 Join Steve, Kevin and our good friend Fred Provost as we discuss building a workshop. Maker spaces to small work bench and building on your kitchen table. Whatever you got as a work area, find out how the guys get ideas and...
  2. paytonc11

    Blade Nano QX BNF w/ Spektrum DX6

    I just purchased the Blade Nano QX and have the Spektrum DX6, I am having an impossible time trying to set up the two different modes that the Nano is capable of on the transmitter. I cannot seem to figure out how to set it up to where I can switch from Stability and Agility mode. I have read...
  3. S

    Blade 300X Upgrades.

    What do you recommend for lights on the Blade 300x? I recently got the 300x and i really like putting lights onto things. I looked on Google and found nothing that looked interesting. Where should I put the lights on the heli?