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help needed

  1. N

    The Red Bottom emaxx 2306 2750 kv motors.

    Hello, i'm going to be running this new motor on my ft tiny mustang and corsair and I have a few questions. is the BHeli 12 amp ESC going to work or do I need to use my 20 amp BHeli ESC instead. Issue is my 20 amp is XT-60 and my 12 amp is XT-30 and I need to know what batteries to purchase. I...
  2. Matt125H

    New To Drone Building (Help/knowledge)

    Hi im new to the forums I live Hendersonville tn I will say there is not alot of hobbyshops that are helpful around where i live I will soon build a tarot 690 hexcopter drone In the coming weeks I need help with what direction i need go in to build a custom drone Im not good with...
  3. N

    I think I need either new motors or new ESCs.

    I think I need either new motors or new ESCs. What do you all think? Here is my problem. I bought a brand new arris fpv 250 quad and it came with a cc3d FC, arris simonk escs, and arris motors. Now, when I tried to fly it for the first time it didn't really work. About the first half of the...