help needed

  1. H

    My s120 smart charger not charging my 4000mah 2s battery

    Ok so my s120 charger and my 4000mah i got like 1 year and a half ago, Now is no longer charging my battery and keeps showing a white led on the charger, Maybe i did not charge for a long time, but i need help since i got a ground race to do!
  2. Z

    servo power

    im planning on boying some foamboard soonish and building a dart and maybe someting else and because i live in europe and have little money im gona look for parts sepretly instead of buing a kit but with servos i have the question how much gram streanght should it have at least
  3. S

    Any Indians know how to get foam in India?

    Hello, I'm from India and i would like to know how to get foam board here? Its either just not available or its pricey. thanks, Athiben
  4. D

    Help! Can You Use EDFs for the Master Series A-10?

    Hi, I am a relatively new flyer and builder, and I'm looking to build the A-10 Master Series (already built a Master Series Corsair). I bought the A-10 kit thinking that it used EDFs, but just found out it is powered with props. Is it possible for me to use EDFs for it? If so, what size/kind...
  5. M

    Carl Goldberg Freedom 20 Electric Conversion Help

    Hi all! I've been working on building an old Freedom 20 kit and replacing the power system with electric. I've pretty much finished the build at this point, but forgot one crucial detail: battery retention. This being my first non ARF or BNF fixed wing, I completely neglected to think about how...
  6. K

    Aura 5 Lite Help!

    Ok, so I don't know what really happened. I received my aura on the 25th of Feb, 2022, and it didn't last the day. I am trying to fly a 3D printed wing, 2 Ailerons, and a throttle. I am using the lemon, and It bound up to my old Dx6I on the first try. Power is running through the ESC lead...
  7. Z

    Alternate ESC/BEC Wiring Solution Help

    Hi there all, I am new here and just getting back into the hobby. I am planning on building the FT Sparrow Twin for my first FT build and I am trying to cram differential thrust into a 4 channel Rx (Radiomaster R84). I know that typically the solution for 6ch Rx's would be to have the ESC's...
  8. C

    Help! I'm New!

    Hi, I am new to RC planes and I have a few questions. 1. How do I start? 2. Can I fly a plane without using a simulator (My computer doesn't support the software)? 3. What kit should I get. I want it to be good for beginners. For example, I want it to be durable, relatively easy to assemble...
  9. F

    Servos lock

    Hi, when I was building I used the servo centering tool and it worked like it's supposed to, but now that I have them glued in and ready for the final hook up one goes up and the other down and lock in those positions. Are my servos burnt out? The one for the rudder and elevator work fine, it's...
  10. Luke1229

    Help! UMX MiG-15 battery?

    Hey everybody, I picked up one of the UMX MiG's a while ago and I've been flying it with the stock recommended 2s 280mah lipo, and she flies like a dream, but flight times are a bit short (easily >5 minutes with some fancy flying), I started looking for a higher mah battery, something like a...
  11. T

    Attach Wings to Cylindrical Fuselage

    Hey Guys, Im a long time reader, first time poster. If this should be posted somewhere else please let me know. On to my question: I am trying to create a semi realistic F104 Starfighter build (based on the design with small changes for ease of construction). I am having trouble finding how I...
  12. D

    How to use a DXE with Freerider

    So I have Smartpropoplus installed and it's sort of seeing input from the DXE when have it plugged into my computer and so is Freerider but Freerider sees the right joystick as the left and vice-versa. I'm just wondering if this cable...
  13. mmmries

    Propeller Breaking Mid-Flight?

    Hi All 👋 I've been getting back into RC flight after years away from the hobby. It's been especially fun to do it with my oldest son who is learning to fly with a buddy box system. Recently we built a Piper Pawnee PA 36 from Tony 65x55's plans from the old rcgroups forum. It flies great with the...
  14. M

    Electronic Problem with ESC

    Hello Everybody! I just build the FT Delta design and was working on putting the electronics in it. I plugged everything in and turned it on. The ESC did not beep and the motor did not turn on but the receiver was getting power through the ESC and was connecting to the Transmitter. All my...
  15. prendon66

    Help! How do I set up my electronics?

    I bought a 30 amp esc, and my teacher let me borrow a 4.8 nimh battery, but I bought a 11.1 volt battery. I'm trying to figure out how to connect it to my reciever which can take a max voltage of 6 volts. I'll post pictures.
  16. BrickRedRock

    Throttle stuck on

    Hi All. Just hooked up my Park 370 motor to my ESC and plugged in to my receiver to test that I was spinning the right direction. When I turned on the throttle, the motor started spinning with the throttle stick at -100. I thought this was something weird so I moved the throttle to 100 (all...
  17. W

    New power pack B?

    I got the simple cub kit for Christmas and while I was building it to the build video, they were showing a different motor than the one in the new power pack b. Mine was different and came with no motor mount. Was it supposed to come with one? Because I try to fit the screws with the motor as...
  18. J

    Quad not taking off, Help requested!!!

    Hello. I decided to build a quadcopter for my school personal project and I’ve successfully built a 215mm Quad using the components listed below.....but the problem is the drone won’t lift off even at full throttle. I’ve checked to see if my props are on the right way and my motors are spinning...
  19. DarkRainbow2

    Help! Power Pack B motor mounting

    Hey everyone, I'm currently trying to finish up my FT-22 (my first scratch build ever) and I've encountered problems with my Power Pack B that arrived yesterday. I have the ULTRA 2812 1200kv Motor which came with the power pack, but I have no screws to mount it to the firewall with. There were...
  20. S

    Help please!

    I have a sanwa conquest mkII and it has a NE5044N IC whitch only has PWM out and i was wanting to use a Frsky DHT - DIY Telemetry Module from and was worndering if i could use it with PWM even thought it says it only works with PPM or if i could get a PWM to PPM convertor and use...