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    My GoPro Hero 2 is freezing on me?

    Ok, my Hero 2 randomly started freezing on me? I was using it this past weekend on a youth retreat to mainly take photos, and it started freezing! I could not change the setting, turn it off,make it do anything! I had the LCD screen on my Hero 2, and the second time it froze I looked at the LCD...
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    Zephyr II Maiden and Crash!

    My 3rd launch ends in disaster. A total loss albeit the equipment. Headed back to Rockyflyr for a re-build! Pilot error Launch to sticks got ugly. Perspectives from the plane and ground using GoPro Hero cameras.
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    Maiden flight and crash Short Video.

    http://youtu.be/QSBvFbsGTJg Check out this video of my first 2 days with my new Zephyr II. The first 2 flights went fine--the third not so much. Crash footage from the air and plane both captured. Enjoy...