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    Some motors late starting

    Firstly, yes a newbie doing my first build. Hexcopter (X) KK2.1.5 FC SimonK 30A ESC 920 KV motors Spektrum DX6i F550 frame So everything is hooked up and just getting ready to mount my props (which are now balanced). But when I go from throttle 0 to throttle X. Six of the motors (m3-m6) all...
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    Hexcopter help in making a Ariel Platform

    I am looking for I hexcopter frame http://www.getfpv.com/tarot-680-pro-hexacopter-foldable-frame.html http://www.getfpv.com/tarot-t810-hexacopter-foldable-frame.html I want to use this for aerial photography or other application. I want to start off with a gopro but be able upgrade up to...
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    New Hexacopter.... Which one??

    Hi there everyone, I am looking at a new racing hex. Nothing like the gemini by Team Black Sheep. I want to built it my self and have been looking for new frames. I previously built a Tri-copter and that went amazingly. the first was a bat bone with the old moved to the HJ-Y3. And guys, if...