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high wing

  1. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 Luscombe Silvaire by FoamyDM and Kilroy07

    ...Because Every Cloud should have Silvaire Lining... Kilroy07 has been a sucker for a challenge for a long while now. He joined my First Forum Challenge -Build-ruary. it's a madcap attempt build 4 planes in February. It's just stupid, fun, and you should try it this year! Since those early...
  2. Archimedian

    Balsa FT Trainer plus ram air, eliptical wing, and springs

    This plane was the second balsa airframe to carry the electronics from the FT Tiny Trainer. The goal was a comparable flight regime with landing capability. Fuse is box construction. The angled air scoop is of low efficiency, but adds structural rigidity for the castoring nosewheel which...
  3. EraJomppa

    Hopping on the bush plane bandwagon

    I got myself a rare free weekend and even though I have couple of other RC projects in progress, I decided to make myself a bush-type plane from some spare parts I had laying around. Here is the result: Specs for those that are interested: Weight: 300 grams span: 900 mm length: 700 mm...