1. N

    What prop should i use?

    Hey guys, i made a simple glider that has a 1200mm wing span, 840mm length and weighs in around at 800-900 grams with all the electronics including the battery. the shape and design is a mix of the FT explorer and FT simple storch. I currently have a 40a ESC and a 2212 2200kv motor and do not...
  2. K

    I need help. Building a RC plane

    I am building a 80cm wingspan one propeller foam board airplane.It is almost like the Flitetest simple scorch without the wheels and a few small modifications. when i took it out to test, I pitch the elevator to 45degrees up and hand launched the rc plane at full throttle. First test the...
  3. M

    Rudder and unexpected yaw behavior

    Hi dears, I enjoy building my own airplanes and recently I have built 2 of them that the rudder is causing an unexpected yaw behavior. Please, help me to find out what is going on. Before start I would like to point out that the controls are not reversed, and, besides the rudder, all other...
  4. F

    Homemade DLG Build log

    Hi guys! I am Fran from Argentina and i have just started building a homemade Discus Launch Glider. I am creating this thread to show you the building process. I will be very thankful if you help me through the build, i would love to hear from you any piece of advice. I have always wanted to...
  5. F

    Help! Homemade DLG CF tail boom and construction

    Hi everybody! I would really like to build a homemeade dlg but i dont know which diameter of carbon fiber tube should i buy to make the tail boom. Do you think a 6mm diameter tube would be thick enough for a 1 meter wingspan dlg? (thats the only one i can get for a reasonable price) The wings...
  6. S

    Homemade Tray Radio *PICTURES*

    Good Evening All, I always wanted a tray radio because I fly with the "pinch" technique. I've been eyeing up the Taranis X9E for a while, but I can't really shell out the cash. I also considered buying a tray for my Spektrum DX6i but those seemed cheap and flimsy. So I went into my garage...
  7. CarboardKings

    Own Design Popsicle Sticks and BBQ Skewer Frame

    90mm EDF powered ice cream stick frame. Made last year. Still waiting to maiden. Had to leave it in storage before coming to Thailand.:(
  8. R

    Arduino Cheap Madness

    I have a homemade plane made form recycled materials that uses a arduino to control it. Plane Specs 2200kv Brushless Motor(7$), 20 AMP ESC (coming in the mail), A arduino nano(2$) with a 2.4ghz radio pair(6$) with a 2nd arduino Uno(3$) with a pc using serial monitor and HY-SPF05 (2$) with a...
  9. M

    QAV250 Landing Gear

    Hi Everyone, If anyone has ever flown the Luminier QAV250 for an extended amount of time, then you are probably very aware of the fact that anytime you get too close the the ground or have a hard landing, that you are almost guaranteed to snap the landing gear or at least bend it. I am...
  10. K

    Proof read my quadcopter build please!

    Hi guys so im planning my first scratch quadcopter build after toying around with a small quad for a while and I now want something to get some aerial footage of the world with my gopro! Im hoping to keep this build cheapish and here is what I'm planning to get so far: Motors- Multistar 2213...