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hot glue

  1. D

    Use Caution Mounting Servos!

    Hopefully this helps someone. I had an aileron servo on a Tiny Trainer lock up when glued down. I took it apart to see if I had melted the gears and I had not. The potentiometer (position sensor) under the output shaft had been overheated and locked in place. This was a 4.7 gram servo and...
  2. D

    Noob here, wondering about hot glue and Hot Houston Summers. Is this a problem?

    I live in the west Houston area(Katy) and I am looking forward to my first project. But before I even get started, should I be concerned about summertime in the southeast Texas area which can routinely reach 105+?
  3. dwardio

    Foamboard, Minwax, and hot glue...

    Well, I got in a hurry and screwed up. Whilst building my FT-22, I decided to go ahead and Minwax the exterior surfaces. Unfortunately, I was waiting on some powertrain parts at the time and hadn't actually glued the firewall to the top deck. You know what happened next... Yes, I applied...
  4. R

    Scratch-build Glue Suggestions?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be getting into my first scratch build in a week or so, do you guys have any recommendations about glues for Adams ("dollar tree") foam board? I was thinking about using hot glue, but I have two concerns with it. If the hot glue has too low a melting point, it may pull...
  5. G

    FT Racer Build 11-16-13

    Started my second build of the flite test swappables and wanted to shares some photos of the build. I'll post some shots of how I painted it very shortly.
  6. J

    Sweet deal on the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun!

    Sweet deal: Surebonder CL-800F cordless glue gun! I found the Surebonder CL-800F cordless hot glue gun at my local Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft store. With the 50% off coupon in the following link, it should cost around $10.00 before tax. Can't beat that deal. Coupon good through 15 Nov...
  7. eagle4

    hot glue brittle in the cold

    Hey gang, yesterday I was out flying, and I noticed anything hot glued was coming lose. now this is fine if you notice it on the ground, like one of my planes, but the other one i found out when the motor mount came off mid flight, or after a flight that was a bit iffy, you notice that your...