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hot wire

  1. Z

    New here and... nice flying wing?

    Hi, like you can see i'm new to the forums. It isn't the first time i fly planes but i'm asking for advice. Does anybody know some plans (hot wire) or at least wing profile for making a good slow fpv fliying wing (load: apm, fpv, telemtry, small camera...)? Thanks, waiting for your response.
  2. S

    Versa Wing air foil

    I am about to try some hot wire cutting and I have always liked wings. I was trying to find out what air foil the versa wing was similar to as I really like its size and characteristics. Does anybody know what air foil it is? Did Josh create a new one? I could build a section of the wing and...
  3. C

    Hot Wire Foam cut Viggen

    This was my first time using a hot wire, I used the link for the formers from Flite Test, printed and traced the onto sheets of balsa wood and within an hour had the pieces cut and glued together, before I knew it I had the fuselage complete and it was ready for sanding, after a lot of sanding I...