1. C

    Hubsan h170d battery not charging

    Battery not charging properly? The red light on the USB charger is always on even when the battery has been charging for 3+ hours. The battery is not even getting warm or anything. When I plug it into the drone I only get about 3 minutes flight time. Is this normal? Only about 2 times the light...
  2. C

    What's the difference between these drones?

    Sorry, this actually isn't my first post I just didn't know what category I should post this in. What's the difference between these drones? I've been looking for a neat little FPV drone I can fly around. And I found the Hubsan H107D. I saw a video about it on Flite Test wich had that same drone...
  3. _sOnGoKu_

    Hubsan x4 H107D+ Wifi FPV Ready & HD Camera 720 -Unboxing+first flight+Review+3D

    Hubsan x4 H107D+ 5.8GHz FPV Ready & HD Camera 720 -Unboxing+first flight+Review+3D Friends, there is an error in the title of the thread and I can not change it. The correct title is: Hubsan x4 H107D+ 5.8GHz FPV Ready & HD Camera 720 -Unboxing+first flight+Review+3D Helow friends, today im...
  4. B

    For Trade or Sale: Hubsan H107L Accessories

    Anyone flying the Hubsan H107L micro quad? I got some replacement lights, landing pads, and a prop protector that have never been used. I also have a prop removal tool that is very useful for changing out props. I might also have a replacement motor. I would be willing to sell or trade them. I...
  5. Phoxtane

    [HELP] Flight ability at 7200ft above sea level?

    A bit of context: We live in a little town called Laramie, Wyoming where the elevation is 7200 feet above sea level. Of course, at sea level air pressure is usually around one atmosphere, whereas in this town air pressure is ~.77 atmosphere, which means that the air is much thinner here than...
  6. 2

    FPV in a Lab

    Had fun some weeks ago with my little Hubsan h107d FPV in my lab :)
  7. S

    Hubsan X4 Pro

    Hey FT Have you guys herd of the Hubsan X4 Pro? I think it would be a very cool review or video! Tell me your thoughts. Thx!!:cool: it has a built in parachute:eek:
  8. Snarls

    Hubsan X4 Pro

    There may be a DJI Phantom competitor. Hubsan unveiled their X4 Pro at CES this year. They claim 40 minute flight times, although the guy in the video says 30, and full GPS functionality. It even has a 3-axis gimbal even though the landing gear does not retract...and the best part... it has an...
  9. HPI_GUY?

    Hubsan X4 Mini QuadCopter

    Hi Guys, Wheels from the UK, My first post. here's a video I done with my mini Quadcopter. I hope you like it.