1. S

    Any Indians know how to get foam in India?

    Hello, I'm from India and i would like to know how to get foam board here? Its either just not available or its pricey. thanks, Athiben
  2. madrulzzz

    Building an FT Explorer in India - From Tiled Plans

    Long time lurker and First time poster. I have been watching Flitetest from When RCSuperPowers and Alishanmao used to post regularly on youtube. I have been on and off the hobby for the past 7 years. My first plane was a nine eagles Xtra 300 (...
  3. S

    Build Log: Grumman C2A GreyHound

    Warm greetings to everyone! I recently found myself craving to build a twin aircraft and planned a new build "Grumman C2A Greyhound" for the upcoming vacations. It would be twin electric built with mostly EPS foam. Since there is still some time for the vacations to start, I started to design...