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  1. Pigfarm1403

    Anybody from southern indina

    I am from Decatur county and I was hoping to find a group of people who want to get together. I fly ft planes and just bought a micro fpv quadcopter and i was seeing if anybody near me wanted to fly sometime. If so email me at Pigfarm1403@hotmail.com
  2. N

    Indiana Flyers

    Since I could not find anything for Indiana, thought I would get one started. If you care put down anything about yourselves and plans. I live in Carmel Indiana area, just getting back into flying. Thinking about going to FliteFest 2016
  3. rryyyaannn

    Calypso Glider Video

    Hey everyone, New to the forum but have been learning a ton from the Flite Test crew for the past few months. Just wanted to share a video from my Calypso Glider. I'm loving this plane. Footage was captured with my Mobius Actioncam. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RHyEzx1ZVl0