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  1. Noel Gillett

    FT Mini Sparrow - Destiny Sparrow Racing League Skin

    Recently, I have been a fan of the video game, Destiny 2 even though I have never played Destiny 1 before. Of course, I am an advocate of aeronautics and RC Airplanes as well. When doing some research about what Destiny 1 was like a few weeks ago, I stumbled upon the seasonal event, "Sparrow...
  2. Plans made in inkscape, printed on poster board

    Plans made in inkscape, printed on poster board

  3. Noel Gillett

    FT Mini Arrow - Toyota Supra A90 Skin

    I have always wanted to see how I can contribute to the growing Flite Test Community. With my own intrinsic motivation, I wanted to know how to create custom skins for RC foamies. Through months of research and practice (at leisure), I have been able to develop a Toyota Supra A90 Skin for the FT...
  4. SmokeshowFPV

    Mighty Mini Simple Cub (2/3 scale)

    Hello all! I have been working on making a Mighty Mini version of Josh's amazing Simple Cub. I have revised the plans using Inkscape and scaled the plans down to 66%, which should make the fuselage able to accept a mini power pod. I so far have only built the wing and a power pod with thrust...
  5. JimCR120

    Inkscape - Making Drawings and Skins

    Greetings Forum Community, I am starting a thread about Inkscape as a place where we can share information and use it as a reference in using the application. Inkscape is a free application available for Mac, Windows, & Linux users that appears to be an excellent option for making drawings...