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  1. PaiRaN

    We send greetings from Europe :)

    Hi forum, just signed in here and wanted to say some words about me/us. In order not to waste to much of your time, I will comment on some basics :) Matebox in Motion - who we are in easy words: a bunch of pilots just like you. We're in Germany at the border to Denmark and have plenty fun...
  2. L

    BCAM-AD-FW-FP90-1-A Systems Development Platform

    I had posted about the FP60-1-D Mod I was working on in another area but it looks like that is a more obscure place and this looks to be a more appropriate location to introduce my current project. This had started out as a scaling up and materials upgrade Mod to the FP60-1-C to the -D, after...
  3. L

    BCAM-AD-FW-FP60-1-D Systems Development Platform

    Hello everyone, just getting signed on here as a member after years and years of watching on YouTube. I would like to release to the public that I am developing my SUAS systems on this aircraft and would like to share the journey with anyone interested. I have already made some great strides in...
  4. Agent CAL

    My version of the Flite Test Opening!

    I've noticed there hasn't really been any opening on the new Flite Test episodes. I really liked the opening, because it was just the beginning of a more cinematic style. So I was bored, and downloaded a bunch of my favorite Flite Test moments, and put them together in this slightly revamped...