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    Mounting props on inverted motors

    Hi Guys! Finishing up my first quad build, its a v tail. My vtail has the rear motors facing downwards. My question is how do I install my props on these motor in order to push air towards the ground. I know they have to go label up. Should i use CW props on a CCW motor rotation and vice /...
  2. U

    FT Flyer FAIL

    Hey all I am a newbie, Just finished my first FT flyer and finally had a nice day to take it out and go flying. Well flying is somewhat of a misnomer since all the plane would to is roll over inverted and crash repeatedly into the ground eventually smashing the firewall. Any idea what I did...
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    Ultra micro corsair control horns

    I have a parkzone ultra micro corsair. It flys great but to fly inverted it takes a whole lot of down elevator I was wondering if I adjusted the control horns from the factory preset position for more throw? If it wouldn't take as much down elevator or would give elevator to much throw? New to...