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    magnus effect plane

    I know that peter created a plane using the magnus effect using kfc buckets; however, could the flite test team be able to create a plane using this effect in a way that could be built in something like a speed build kit? Fingers crossed!!!
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    Josh Says "Fly the wing, not the motor"

    Hey Josh and friends. At only 2 years in the hobby I'm still learning a lot, especially the lingo and if anyone can help me with this phrase, that would help me fly my Carbon Z much better. At 12:13 they discuss the pitfalls to this plane and Josh...
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    Hosts & content

    Hi Flitetest, Been watching the show for over 2 years now and absolubtly love it! Just wanted to say that Josh, Josh & David are excellent personalities to present the show. However, as you can't have David anymore, please can we have more Josh and Josh? If Josh Scott is too busy with other...