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  1. S

    Alien 5" kiss build

    Hi there new to the drone world but maybe someone could help me. I have recently built an alien 5" with kiss esc 24a a kiss fc and and x4r with sbus controller is a taranis qx7. I hooked everything up flashed escs and fc I set it all up according to video my controller works when my fc is...
  2. J

    Kiss 24A Race Edition ESC Continuity Issue. Advise needed.

    Hello I'm building my first quad (Mr Steele config) ImmersionRC Alien 5" etc. My Alien PDB has not got any continuity issues. The - to - terminals is a closed circuit and so is all the + to + terminals. The PDB - and + is open and not connected when testing continuity. All good there. The...
  3. M

    Need Kiss Flashing Help

    Recently got a Kiss FC. Soldered on esc wires. Plug into PC, but I am unable to flash it. The flasher in KISS' software doesnt switch over to 'flash firmware" Like it should. DFuse doesnt recognize any STM32 bootloader device. Zadig also doesn't recognize it. Yes I am holding down the bootloader...
  4. M

    KISS fc spektrum satellite help

    I ordered the KISS fc and the spektrum dsmx satellite reciver with diversity, but I have some questions -In cleanflight, in order to get the satellite reciever to go into bind mode, you had to use the CLI. How can I do this in the KISS fc software? Or will the reciever automatically go into...
  5. M

    SPracingf3 evo vs KISS fc?

    Looking to upgrade my flight controller on my qav210 and deciding between these 2. What's your experience with them? Also want to get a pdb osd, so like the spracingf3 osdpdb or the power osd pro 2. Which one should I get?
  6. M

    SP racing f3 evo or kiss fc?

    Looking to upgrade my flight controller, deciding between these two: SP racing f3 EVO http://www.getfpv.com/review/product/list/id/2900/ Kiss FC http://www.getfpv.com/kiss-fc-32bit-flight-controller-v1-02.html Will be using spektrum satellite 3.3v diversity DSMX, will that work for both...
  7. Snarls

    Tuning In Tight Spaces

    I've been doing some tuning on my full KISS build. Generally I do PID tuning in my backyard because I am too lazy to get out to the field. It can be a challenge though because my yard is not the biggest. This makes for some interesting flights.
  8. Snarls

    Going Full Kiss - Martian 220mm Build Log

    It's finally time...time to go full KISS. Considering I have not used anything KISS before this should be interesting. This is a 4s performance build with a Martian II 220mm frame, EMAX red bottoms, KISS 24a ESCs, and the KISS FC. Full Parts List: Frame: Martian II 220mm Motors: EMAX RS2205...
  9. M

    KissFC XSR Taranis telemetry not showing battery voltage

    I can't get the telemetry working with my setup. I have set up the KissFC with the receiver as the KissFC manual said and have the receiver type set to "FrSky SBUS" in the Kiss Chrome App. When I discover new sensors on my taranis I only get SWR, RSSI, RXBatt and A2. According to the manual...
  10. Robbie

    What would you say the upward Ampere tolerance of 18A kiss ESCs

    To run cobra 2208s 6045 4S is quoted by RotorGeeks at 24As of current at 100% throttle, i am curious to see whether Kiss ESCs could take this or more?