1. E

    FT Simple Cub, scratch build

    Downloaded the plans, changed few stuff (mounted the tail servos at the back).. sent them to the local laser cutting service.3d printed the firewall. Built it in 2 hours... Love it
  2. cladeport

    Laser Cutter issues

    NO BIG DEAL, but on my FT tiny trainer were some scorch marks and several lines were not properly cut. I hope someone from flite test sees this, maybe there is a problem with the laser cutters. just thought I'd let you know :)
  3. Roman. J.

    Alluminium Tricopter

    This is my first rc project. I was inspired by flightest Bat bone frame. I wander if somebody also makes their frames forom alluminium or other sheet metal. This frame survived about 10 hard falls on Concrete before i had to replace tail, yaw mehanism is the first one i made for this model.
  4. enivid

    Laser cut foldable quad frame build version 2

    Hey guys, I wanted to share my laser cut quad frame build with you to get some design input and gauge interest in this type of design. My version 1 can be found at and I've gone...
  5. K

    lasercut tricopter middle sections

    Hi, I'm selling lasercut tricopter middle sections. It is the Optimized RCExplorer Tricopter Template (thanks Colorex and RCExplorer for this). They are lasercut from 4mm birch plywood and weigh 29 grams for a set(top + bottom). The flitetest logo is laser engraved, the dot is the COG. They...