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lc filter

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    FPV system has Blurry/pixelated video feed.

    This is my first time FPV setup that I have done and I am not happy with the results with video quality. If someone out there could provide tips on what I should try to help improve my video quality that I am receiving to my goggles I would appreciate it greatly. Hardware that I am working...
  2. N

    FPV LC filters

    Hello everyone, what are people using on their FPV machines to filter the power to the fpv camera and transmitter? I made a simple LC circuit and it works perfectly but it's kind of heavy and was wondering what others are using or if there are other ways around the noise? Cheers, Nils
  3. M

    New LC Filters by LetsFPV

    Greetings, 0utsider89 and myself have started an electronics company and we are debuting our first product, the humble LC Filter! Not that we thought there was anything wrong with the few out there already, however we wanted to start with a good basic most need and produce one which is smaller...