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    Autonomous Flight Test

    Hi, I have built an autonomous plane using the FT tiny trainer. Originally I had problems keeping the plane level, so I changed the elevator/rudder combination to 2 elevons (I only want to use 2 servos). I had some issues keeping the plane level in flight with the elevons too. Here is a link to...
  2. S

    FT Cruiser experience level

    Hey everyone, I recently got into the hobby of RC flying (by buying a Super Cub :P), and I have mastered it. Next week I am going to build a FT Flyer which I will then 'upgrade' to a FT Delta. I am planning to buy a PZ T-28 Trojan after that. However, I LOVE the FT Cruiser. It's just awesome. I...
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    Why does my H quad flip over? HELP me please!

    I think I've done everything and all it does is flip over. NTM Prop Drive 800 kV motors 4x Afro ESC 20amp 4x Hobbyking i86 Lite Contorl Board (KK2 was out of stock) nano-tech 3300 mah 3s lipo TGY 9x tX and rx Knuckle H quad frame Calibrated my ESCs, once manually, once through the control...