1. NighthawkGliders

    I built a Glider Launcher to help me calculate Glide Ratio (among other things)

    To be honest, I wasn't certain I could build one that could launch a balsa glider with any consistency, but I may have lucked out here and made something that works fairly well. Just sharing my results here. I just searched around my house and found just the right combination of materials to...
  2. G

    Quadcopter won't lift

    Hello guys, I just bought my first quadcopter, an Eachine Falcon 180 RTF with Naze32 FC from Banggood, and I have a problem. I mounted on the props correctly and the motors are spinning but it won't lift off the ground. I tried everything but nothing seems to fix this problem and now I don't...
  3. I

    Stubborn Ft Versa

    Hey guys. I'm new to the hobby, and made an ft versa from 5mm foam board. 40a turnigy 1450kv brushless outrunner, pusher configuration, 30a (I'm so sorry, but due to budget this was needed, and I never go above 3/4 throttle for more than 3 seconds) ESC, and a 2800mah 3s. I have 9x7.5 and 9x4...