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  1. Snarls

    Going Full Kiss - Martian 220mm Build Log

    It's finally time...time to go full KISS. Considering I have not used anything KISS before this should be interesting. This is a 4s performance build with a Martian II 220mm frame, EMAX red bottoms, KISS 24a ESCs, and the KISS FC. Full Parts List: Frame: Martian II 220mm Motors: EMAX RS2205...
  2. Snarls

    TBS Discovery 3-Axis AP Build Log - Snarls

    Hey all, it is time for another multirotor build. I have been planning this one for the past few months. My first multirotor was a home built 600mm AP rig with a large gimbal for a pocket size camera. It flew, but pretty poorly and the footage was never really any good. So last winter I designed...
  3. SP0NZ

    Father & Son Flitesticks : Build Log

    Plans by hotwax - FB Flitestick Plans Graphics - FB Flitestick Graphics v1.0 Maiden flight on 8/15/15 - National Model Aviation Day Maiden Flight Video All ready for electronics Keegan built this one for his uncle Keegan and I are building a pair of FB Flitesticks (designed by...
  4. O

    Oaktree's venture into the world of RC Quadcopters

    Since it was FliteTest on Youtube that got me interested in RC and "forced" me to start this hobby, I figured I would log my progress here on flitetest forum >.<;; My adventure starts with 2 years of watching FliteTest videos and drooling over the RC vehicles :P After being really bored one 4...
  5. Snarls

    Senior Project Quadcopter Build Log

    Hi FliteTest community! I am a senior in high school with the opportunity to partake in what is known as a "Senior Project". Basically, instead of taking a class, I am given the time to pursue any project I want. Back in October I was suddenly inspired to build a quadcopter. I had little to no...