low power

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    What can I build with a 980kv motor and 2s battery

    Hi! I have a 980kv motor and some 2s battery's. I've been scouring the flight testfoam builds and can't seem to figure out which ones will work with what I have. So is there any planes you guys know of that will will fly with this lower power motor? (I'm trying to get into the air while I wait...
  2. L

    Hi! I need some advices for troubleshooting on my quad motors.

    Hi there! I'm building a quad 450 with a gimball for photagraphy. I'm running it on a 3s lipo and 30A esc with a naze32 rev6 fc. But when i start it up and try running the motors to check the direction, i notice that the motors are lacking power, and not starting together. I've also calibrated...