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    Problem with orangerx 1W openlrs module

    Hi everyone. Ages ago I bought a orangeRX openlrs 1W module second hand. I had no idea what I was doing back then, so It got thrown into my box of parts for ages. Since then I've got good at fpv and wanting to give long range a shot. Pulled it out and tested it and it worked fine. I had no idea...
  2. E

    Doubt About Hitec Aurora 9x

    Hello guys, I didn't found the answer anywhere on the forum or the internet. Is it possible to use an UHF system with Aurora 9x? What is the best option for Long Range Flights using an Aurora 9x transmitter? Thanks everyone
  3. S

    ImmersionRC Long Range System - In which countries it is allowed?

    Hi everybody, I would like to use the ImmersionRC LRS and recently found out that 433MHz is a restricted frequency in Germany (where I live). It took me some time to discover this information. The max power for 430-440MHz range is 10mW which is too weak for a reasonable FPV flight. Immersion...
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    Which TX Antenna do I use for a 33Km space flight?

    What TX Antenna do I use for a 33Km space flight? Hello FT forums. I am sending a Raspberry Pi 33Km into the atmosphere in a custom 3D printed space probe. I would like a live video link that has an effective range of 33Km, as the probe will start it decent at 33Km and the video link need not...